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Drunk College Freshman Slut Gets Fucked At Party
2008-Nov-4 12:49

college fuck fest

One of the things I love about tagging along to College Fuck Fest parties is that I get to check out all the drunk college sluts. No chicks are as drunk and horny as the college freshmen who are just starting to party outside of mommy and daddy’s house, they always get totally plastered and turn in to little sluts who will do anything you want them to. The most fucked up part is that these girls only drink a mouthful of beer and then their panties drop to the floor, I couldn’t care less if they’re pretending to be drunk or not when those panties come off!

This sweet eighteen year old girl got her hands on a beer and I shit you not, taken one mouthful. After a few minutes she starts stumbling everywhere like she’s drunk off her butt and even though I know she’s not I “accidently” bumped in to her and within minutes she was dragging me to her bedroom and her panties were around her ankles. This naughty freshman got down on her hands and knees and after gagging on my cock she stuck her ass in the air and begged me to fuck her tight pussy.

Check out this hot movie and tons more from the College Fuck Fest archives and see what the other freshmen sluts get up to behind closed doors!

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Stripper Teens Get Drunk At College Fuck Party
2008-Oct-31 12:08

College Fuck Fest

Of all the College FuckFest parties I’ve been to in the past none of them measured up to this! It started with us all sitting around having a few drinks and just bullshitting, you know quarters and shit when Becky, this chick from some sorority dorm comes in and tells us all about this stripper pole she and her sorority sisters have in their dorm hall. It didn’t take long before we were all fighting each other to get out of the door to watch this college slut shows us her skills on the stripper pole.

Becky started teasing us all, she was totally drunk off her ass and swinging from this stripper pole with Christmas lights behind it. I knew she was going to bust her butt because she was so drunk but surprisingly she didn’t. She did convince this little blond nympho to come and dance with her on the pole though and within a few minutes these two college babes were all over each other stripping off their clothes. Becky was the first to slide out of her panties but what really made the night was when the blonde friend buried her face in to Becky’s wet pussy.

Watch these sexy college babes licking each other's sweet pussies in public at College Fuck Fest.

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College Slut Gets Her Birthday Fuck Present
2008-Oct-28 11:58

College Fuck Fest

The other weekend, we met this blonde teen named Micah at one of the local college bars. She was celebrating her twenty-first birthday by trying to drink as much alcohol as her petite body could hold. I swear in the matter of a couple of hours she went from sweet and innocent, to horny college slut. This college babe wanted to get fucked now. She didn’t care who was fucking her, she didn’t even care if we recorded everything on film. Watch this hot college babe getting fucked at College Fuck Fest.

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Lesbian Halloween Fun At College Fuck Party
2008-Oct-25 04:28

College Fuck Fest

With Halloween coming up things are starting to get really crazy on college fuck campuses which means more college fuck fest parties to attend! Holidays like Halloween are always great for hot fuckfest parties because the girls always think that since they're dressed up as something else they get to be total sluts and it doesn’t matter. Who am I to complain!

We ran in to this party completely by accident on our way to another but after a few minutes of this one we realized we really didn’t need to go anywhere else because this party was filled with dirty little sluts trying to show off their skills for the camera! These two babes in particular wanted to show off their costumes. They started off as a fairy and a babe on her honeymoon only after a few drinks and the camera’s starting to roll they both turned in to two total lesbian sluts instead! I have to say that I like the second one better! Watching these two babes spanking each other’s asses was just the beginning as they stripped naked and dove head first in to each other’s juicy wet pussies!

See more complete college sluts caught on camera at College Fuck Fest!

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Drunk College Girls Have Fun At College Fest
2008-Jul-9 10:23

drunk college babes have fun
Three sexy college babes are the best friends. At this college party they drunk to much buzz and felt sexual addiction to each other. Great and laud music, strong drinks and lots of college friends are all these babes need to have great time. It was so good so girls even kissed each other playing some dirty lesbian games. Watch more hardcore college fuck action at College Fuck Fest.

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True College Whore Gets Fucked In Public
2008-Jul-3 07:37

college slut gets fucked in public
Smoking hot college fuck party in Santa Barbara with lots of buzz and spicy hot college babes who always want some hard dicks in their wet tight pussies. This time one lucky college girl got great surprise for her wanting pussy. She seduced her college friend and fucked him right in front of their college friends. She sucked his hard cock in public and got fucked with no any shame. She is a real college whore! Watch more drunk college sex parties at College Fuck Fest.

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College Slut Sucks And Fucks At College Fuck Fest
2008-Jun-10 10:24

college fuck
Smokin' hot brunette teen girl got really horny at this drunk college fuck party. So it wasn't a very big deal for one lucky guy to fuck this hot college bitch in public, just right in front of her college friends. This brunette hottie sucked guy's hard cock like a real fuck hungry college whore and after that she took dick deep inside her tight teen pussy while amused college friends drunk beer. Really hot college fuck action at College Fuck Fest.

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Sweet Teens In Lesbian Action At College Fuck Party
2008-Feb-25 07:20

lesbian college fuck
These sweet college girls drive me crazy! Halloween party was very exciting with lot's of hot college girls and heavy drinks. All the college boys and girls were drunk and a little bit horny. After taking lot's of buzz these lustful college angels gone away from the crowd and got to the big bed. Lovely college babes took all their clothes of and left only angel's wings. It's so exciting watching drunk college girls playing dirty lesbian games! Watch sexy college girls in smoking hot lesbian action exclusively at College Fuck Fest.

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Blonde College Girl Gets Fucked At College Drunk Party
2008-Feb-16 11:41

college blonde fucks
These college girl got lot's of heavy drinks at this college fuck party at Santa Barbara. Blonde got really drunk and it was very easy for any guy to make her fuck with him. So one lucky guy got this drunk college slut to bedroom and fucked her in all possible ways! Babe didn't even know who fucked her that night. Watch much more drunk college girls getting fucked on camera at College Fuck Fest.

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Lesbian College Girls Fuck At College Drunk Party
2008-Feb-3 05:26

college lesbian girls
Wow! These young college girls are smoking hot! Two college female friends got lot's of buzz at these college party. And felt very strong addiction to each other. So these drunk babes couldn't resist it and got naked right at the party. Their college friends were trying to stop this fuck fest but horny girls didn't give a fuck at all. Lustful college sluts played dirty lesbian games right in public just in front of their college friends. So the crowd was amused at the beginning but later they were really happy watching such a nasty lesbian fuck fest. You can enjoy these great college fuck party movies at College Fuck Fest.

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Drunk College Sex At College Halloween Party
2008-Jan-30 07:48

college sex party
Halloween Hedonism college party. This was a nice party and this lustful college nurse had lot's of sex drugs for everybody! Hot babe in nurse's costume got some heavy drinks and was fucked from behind right on a bass drum in front of her college mates. Later one guy fucked her one more time in a backstage! Lot's of drunk and horny college girls in kinky costumes, lot's of buzz and dirty sex made this college sex party the one to remember for a long time! Watch more unforgettable college sex parties at College Fuck Fest.

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Blonde College Girl Fuck At Huge College Frat Party
2008-Jan-27 12:58

drunk college girl fucked
Another College Fuck Fest party became the nastiest mix of drunkenness and debauchery! This smoking hot college blonde girl had lot's of heavy drinks and felt very strong hunger for hard cock. Of cause this problem was solved very easy at college party. There were lot's of guys hunting for some college pussy. And this already drunk college girl started outstanding fuck session with lucky pussy hunter right in front of her classmates. They were fucking hard and had everyone's attention at this college sex fest. I guess you'd like to be there, but you can watch video from this college drunk party at College Fuck Fest.

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Pretty College Girl Gets Drunk And Fucked At Party
2008-Jan-24 12:26

drunk college girl has sex
Wow! What a lovely college teen girl. She's got such a pretty and innocent face so I can't not to fall in love with her. :) But she's so innocent only when she is not at the college drunk party. When this college babe get some heavy drinks she completely looses her mind and she gets as hot as sun. I mean she gets really horny! So this party wasn't special. Our hottie found guy at these college party and started to suck his dick right in front of their a little drunken college friends. Then the lucky guy completely lost his shame and fucked this drunk girl right on a sofa at college drunk party. It's really nice watching hot college teen girl getting hard fucked from behind at drunk party, watch it by yourself at College Fuck Fest.

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Kendra Wilkinson In Playboy
2008-Jan-24 04:53

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Lots Of Sucking And Fucking At This College Drunk Party
2008-Jan-18 02:24

college cock sucking girl
Just from the very beginning it seemed like it was not going to be just an ordinary college party. Lot's of horny college girls were hungry for sex and they were going to get it! Later when these college babes drunk of beer they felt themselfs a little more brave. One of these sex hunters, blonde teen girl, found a lucky guy and seduced him right at college party in front of their college friends. She took of his clothes off and sucked his hard cock on public! Then this hottie got her young pussy hard fucked and got her face cum covered. Watch more college drunk parties at College Fuck Fest.

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